ReadyBike Cycle Hire Scheme

June 2014


Reading's cycle hire scheme ‘ReadyBike’ consists of 200 bikes ‘ready’ to go across 29 docking stations within the Reading urban area. The ‘ReadyBike’ bikes themselves, coloured purple, are a common sight in Reading since the scheme is launched in summer 2014.


Highlights of Reading’s bike hire scheme include:

- 200 bikes across 29 docking locations.

- Free half-hour use for members at the start of every rental, with a daily cap of £4 a day maximum for members.

- An easy to use website for registration and for members to top-up and manage their accounts.

- The public will be able to become members or use the scheme as an occasional user or on a one-off basis.

- Bikes fitted with electronic chips, enabling them to be tracked at every docking station.


ReadyBike is simple to use. To rent a bike, users tap in their membership number and PIN and, once the selected bike has been chosen at the console, a light on top of the selected dock will begin to flash meaning it is ready to use. To return a bike, the user only has to insert their bike into any empty dock at any station. The dock will accept the bike and automatically close the open rental period for that user on an electronic system. Members can keep a constant check on their personal account online.


Whilst Phase One of the bike hire scheme is for 200 bikes, provision is made in the contract with Hourbike, the Surrey-based contractor, to expand the scheme to more places within Reading, Wokingham and potentially West Berkshire in the future, depending on the success of the scheme and available funding.


Reading’s Bike Hire scheme forms part of Reading Borough Council’s successful Local Sustainable Transport Fund (LSTF) which totals £25 million worth of funding. The Council’s LSTF projects aim to create an additional 7,200 daily bus trips, 12,050 daily walking trips and 2,300 daily cycle trips across the town, whilst at the same time cutting congestion by up to 10% and doubling the percentage of people cycling to work in the next five years.


The LSTF funding pot is ‘ring-fenced.’ That means Council’s like Reading who were successful in gaining the funding can only spend it on delivering sustainable transport projects, rather than on any other Council projects or services.


Further information is available on the ReadyBike website - click here.


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