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Route 15 - Reading Station to Tilehurst Triangle

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										Timetable for Route 15
										Map for Route 15

timetables from service operator: Reading Buses

Route 15Friar Street FECheapside stop CXWaylen StreetGeorge StreetReading West StationBeresford RoadWest Village - TescoWantage RoadBrock GardensPond HouseBrisbane RoadDee Road Fire StationRanikhetTay RoadTern CloseDee Road topDryland HouseChurch End LaneCorwen RoadSt MichaelsHalls RoadLansdowne RoadTilehurst Triangle Stop VTilehurst Triangle stop XChapel HillChapel HillChapel Hill Lower Elmstone DriveNormanstead RoadChapel Hill Westwood GlenCromer CloseLower Elmstone DriveLower Elmstone DriveCromer CloseChapel Hill Westwood GlenNormanstead RoadChapel Hill Lower Elmstone DriveChapel HillLansdowne RoadHalls RoadSt MichaelsCorwen RoadChurch End LaneDryland HouseDee Road TopTern CloseTay RoadRanikhetDee Road Fire StationBrisbane RoadPond HouseBrock GardensWantage RoadWest Village - TescoBeresford RoadReading West StationGeorge StreetWaylen StreetCheapside CVWest Street CUStation Road EF

Bus Stops for Route Route 15

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Reading Station to Tilehurst TriangleTilehurst Triangle to Reading Station
Friar StreetTern CloseDenefield School Inside GroundsRanikhet
Minster StreetDee Road TopDenefield SchoolDee Road Fire Station
CheapsideDryland HouseDark Lane TopBrisbane Road
Waylen StreetChurch End LaneFairford RoadPond House
George StreetCorwen RoadLower Elmstone DriveBrock Gardens
Reading West Rail Station - Oxford RoadSt MichaelsAshton CloseWantage Road
Beresford RoadKeswick CloseChapel Hill Lower Elmstone DriveWest Village - Tesco
West Village - TescoTilehurst TriangleChapel HillBeresford Road
Wantage RoadChapel HillTilehurst TriangleReading West Rail Station - Oxford Road
Brock GardensLansdowne RoadChapel HillGeorge Street
Pond HouseChapel HillLansdowne RoadWaylen Street
Brisbane RoadChapel Hill Lower Elmstone DriveHalls RoadCheapside
Dee Road Fire StationAshton CloseSt MichaelsWest Street
Tay RoadLower Elmstone DriveCorwen RoadFriar Street
RanikhetFairford RoadChurch End Lane
Dee Road Fire StationDark Lane TopDryland House
Dee Road Fire StationDenefield SchoolDee Road Top
RanikhetDenefield School Inside GroundsTern Close
Tay RoadTay Road

<p>Service status information is derived from an algorithm comparing timetable information with the arrival of buses en route at timing points. Live bus information for individual routes is derived from tracking devices and the standard journey times between the current position of the bus and the bus stop. Where live data is not available Timetable information is displayed (shown at TT). Data is provided by Reading Borough Council through its Open Data Server project.</p>


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