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Route 16 - Reading Station to Purley

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										Timetable for Route 16
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timetables from service operator: Reading Buses

Route 16Friar Street FECheapside CXWaylen StreetGeorge StreetReading West StationBeresford RoadBattle HospitalWantage RoadBrock GardensPond HouseNorcot JunctionCold StoreRomsey RoadWeald RiseKentwood CircleOverlanders EndOak Tree CopseBrooksby RoadTring RoadDell RoadOverdown Road Dark LaneFairford RoadDark Lane TopDenefield SchoolAddiscombe ChaseWarley RiseGoodlife GardensFootpath to Highfield RoadNew HillColyton WayBrading WayChestnut GroveWintringham WayColyton WayNew HillFootpath to Highfield RoadGoodliffe GardensWarley RiseTalbot WayAddiscombe ChaseDenefield SchoolDenefield SchoolDark Lane TopFairford RoadOverdown Road Dark LaneDell RoadTring RoadBrooksby RoadOak Tree CopseOverlanders EndKentwood CircleWeald RiseThe RestorationCold StoreNorcot JunctionPond HouseBrock GardensWantage RoadBattle HospitalBeresford RoadReading West StationGeorge StreetWaylen StreetCheapside CVWest Street CUStation Road EF

Bus Stops for Route Route 16

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Reading Station to PurleyPurley to Reading Station
Friar StreetBrooksby RoadPurley Chestnut GroveOverlanders End
Minster StreetTring Road ShopsWintringham WayKentwood Circle
CheapsideDell RoadColyton WayWeald Rise
Waylen StreetOverdown Road Dark LaneNew HillThe Restoration
George StreetFairford RoadFootpath to Highfield RoadCold Store
Reading West Rail Station - Oxford RoadDark Lane TopGoodliffe GardensNorcot Junction
Beresford RoadDenefield SchoolWarley RisePond House
West Village - TescoAddiscombe ChaseTalbot WayBrock Gardens
Wantage RoadWarley RiseAddiscombe ChaseWantage Road
Brock GardensGoodliffe GardensDenefield School Inside GroundsWest Village - Tesco
Pond HouseFootpath to Highfield RoadDenefield SchoolBeresford Road
Norcot JunctionNew HillDark Lane TopReading West Rail Station - Oxford Road
Cold StoreColyton WayFairford RoadGeorge Street
Romsey RoadBrading WayOverdown Road Dark LaneWaylen Street
Weald RisePurley Chestnut GroveDell RoadCheapside
Kentwood CircleTring Road ShopsWest Street
Overlanders EndBrooksby RoadFriar Street
Oak Tree CopseOak Tree Copse

<p>Service status information is derived from an algorithm comparing timetable information with the arrival of buses en route at timing points. Live bus information for individual routes is derived from tracking devices and the standard journey times between the current position of the bus and the bus stop. Where live data is not available Timetable information is displayed (shown at TT). Data is provided by Reading Borough Council through its Open Data Server project.</p>


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