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Route 19a - Reading to Lower Earley Asda

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										Timetable for Route 19a
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timetables from service operator: Reading Buses

Route 19aFriar Street FMMarket Place MAKings Road Duke Street MFEldon RoadRBH Main EntranceRBH South WingAlexandra RoadFoxhill RoadEastern Avenue FootMockbeggarBridges HallEarley GateSt Peters ChurchAnderson AvenueCulver Lane - Hail and RideBulmershe CourtPalmerstone RoadBulmershe Sports CentreAntrim RoadNorth LakeThatchersArundel RoadHeadley Road CircleHeadley ParkSpitfire WayHerald WayDunbar DriveOak DriveAustin RoadChapel HallDrovers Way TopHearn RoadCoppice Road ParadeCoppice RoadLoddon Bridge The GeorgeSkelmerdale Way FootpathMill Lane - Gipsy LaneToseland WayHawkedon WaySellafield WayMarefieldBeech LaneFaygate WayChatton CloseChalfont Way ASDABrookside CloseGipsy LaneHillside RoadKenton RoadLakesideSilverdale Road ShopsKennedy GardensBeech Lane / Wilderness RoadHartsbourne RoadWychwood CrescentBrerewoodChalfont Way CircleChalfont Way ASDAFaygate WayChatton CloseMarefieldBeech LaneBrerewoodWychwood CrescentHartsbourne RoadBeech Lane / Wilderness RoadKennedy GardensSilverdale Road ShopsLakesideKenton RoadHillside RoadGipsy LaneBrookside CloseSellafield WayGipsy Lane - Mill LaneMill Lane - Gipsy LaneSkelmerdale Way FootpathLoddon Bridge The GeorgeCoppice RoadCoppice Road ParadeHearn RoadDrovers Way TopChapel HallAustin RoadOak DriveDunbar DriveHerald WayViscount WaySpitfire WayHeadley ParkAdwestHeadley Road CircleSilver Fox CrescentArundel RoadThatchersNorth LakeAntrim RoadBulmershe Sports CentreBulmershe CourtCulver Lane - Hail and RideAnderson AvenuePalmerstone RoadSt Peters ChurchEarley CrossroadsEarley GateBridges HallMockbeggarEastern Avenue FootFoxhill RoadAlexandra RoadRBH South WingRBH Main EntranceCrown StreetLondon Street FootKings Road Duke Street MHMinster Street MPSt Marys Butts CL

Bus Stops for Route Route 19a

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Reading to Lower Earley AsdaLower Earley Asda to Reading
Station RoadThe GeorgeThe GeorgeCulver Lane
Market PlaceToseland WayCoppice RoadCulver Lane
Kings Road Duke StreetHawkedon WayCoppice Road ParadeEastcourt Avenue
Huntley and PalmersSellafield WayHearn RoadAnderson Avenue
Eldon RoadMarefieldDrovers Way TopPalmerstone Road
RBH Main EntranceThanington WayColemans Moor Lane TopSt Peters Church
RBH South WingFleetham GardensChapel HallEarley Crossroads
Alexandra RoadCutbush LaneAustin RoadEarley Gate
Foxhill RoadDoddington CloseOak DriveBridges Hall
Eastern Avenue FootLittington CloseDunbar DriveMockbeggar
MockbeggarChatteris Way - Gregory CloseHerald WayEastern Avenue Foot
Bridges HallChatteris Way - Firmstone CloseViscount WayFoxhill Road
Earley GateCutbush LaneComet Way - Victor WayAlexandra Road
Ramsbury DriveCutbush CloseComet Way - Rose CloseRBH South Wing
Kennedy GardensBradmore WayLysander CloseRBH Main Entrance
Silverdale Road ShopsBeeston WayWoodley PiazzaUoR London Road
LakesideChalfont Way ASDAHeadley ParkCrown Street
Kenton RoadAdwestLondon Street Foot
Hillside RoadHeadley Road CircleKings Road Duke Street
Gipsy LaneChequersMinster Street
Gipsy Lane - Meadow RoadWoodwayeSt Marys Butts
Gipsy Lane - Mill LaneBeaufield CloseFriar Street
Mill Lane - Gipsy LaneBulmershe Sports CentreStation Road
Skelmerdale Way FootpathBulmershe Court

<p>Service status information is derived from an algorithm comparing timetable information with the arrival of buses en route at timing points. Live bus information for individual routes is derived from tracking devices and the standard journey times between the current position of the bus and the bus stop. Where live data is not available Timetable information is displayed (shown at TT). Data is provided by Reading Borough Council through its Open Data Server project.</p>


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