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Route 28 - Caversham Park to Purley via Central Reading

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timetables from service operator: Reading Buses

Route 28Earlsfield CloseDevon DriveDumbarton WayLittlestead CloseOsterley DriveQueenswayFraser AvenueVenetia CloseMarchwood AvenueTower CloseRose HillCourtenay DriveKiln RoadCavendish RoadBlack HorseSt Barnabas ChurchSouthdown RoadRotherfield WayGrove HillVictoria RoadQueen StreetHemdean HillCaversham LibraryWestfield RoadKings Road CavershamHills MeadowKings Meadow RoadKings ReachTesco Kings MeadowKings ReachKings Meadow RoadBlagrave Street EMFriar Street FPCastle Street stop CQRussell StreetDownshire SquareBerkeley AvenueSouthcote RoadParkside RoadLiebenrood RoadMonks WaySouthcote Farm LaneFawley RoadCircuit LaneHoney End LaneCircuit LaneBath Road Burghfield RoadHaywood WayLingholm CloseCockney HillSt Michaels ChurchSt MichaelsKeswick CloseTilehurst Triangle Stop VTilehurst LibraryWhite HouseKentwood CloseArmour HillDerwent AvenueOak Tree RoadOverlanders EndOak Tree CopseBrooksby RoadTring RoadDell RoadOverdown Road Dark LaneFairford RoadDark Lane TopDenefield SchoolAddiscombe ChaseWarley RiseGoodlife GardensFootpath to Highfield RoadCecil Aldin DriveHighfield RoadWhite Lodge CloseDenefield SchoolDark Lane TopFairford RoadOverdown Road Dark LaneDell RoadTring RoadBrooksby RoadOak Tree CopseOverlanders EndOak Tree RoadDerwent AvenueArmour HillKentwood CloseWhite HouseTilehurst LibraryTilehurst Triangle stop WKeswick CloseSt MichaelsCockney HillLingholm CloseHaywood WayBath Road Burghfield RoadHoney End LaneCircuit LaneLiebenrood RoadCircuit LaneFawley RoadSouthcote Farm LaneMonks WaySouthcote RoadParkside RoadBerkeley AvenueDownshire SquareLima CourtRussell StreetCastle Street stop CPFriar Street FLForbury Road ELHills MeadowCaversham LaundryWestfield RoadCaversham LibraryHemdean HillQueen StreetVictoria RoadGrove HillRotherfield WaySouthdown RoadSt Barnabas ChurchBlack HorseBarnard CloseAriel ViewMontpelier DriveGalsworthy DriveEarlsfield Close

Bus Stops for Route Route 28

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Caversham Park to Purley via Central ReadingPurley to Caversham Park via Central Reading
Warley RiseTilehurst LibraryBerkeley AvenueSurley Row
Goodliffe GardensTilehurst TriangleDownshire SquareBuckingham Drive
Footpath to Highfield RoadTilehurst TriangleLima CourtChurch Street
Cecil Aldin DriveKeswick CloseRussell StreetCaversham Library
Highfield RoadSt MichaelsCastle StreetHemdean Hill
White Lodge CloseCockney HillSt Marys ButtsQueen Street
Denefield SchoolLingholm CloseFriar StreetVictoria Road
Dark Lane TopHaywood WayForbury RoadGrove Hill
Fairford RoadBath Road Burghfield RoadKings Meadow RoadRotherfield Way
Overdown Road Dark LaneHoney End LaneKings ReachSouthdown Road
Dell RoadCircuit LaneTesco Kings MeadowSt Barnabas Church
Tring Road ShopsLiebenrood RoadKings ReachBlack Horse
Brooksby RoadCircuit LaneKings Meadow RoadBarnard Close
Oak Tree CopseFawley RoadHills MeadowThe Pond
Overlanders EndSouthcote Farm LaneCaversham LaundryAriel View
Oak Tree RoadMonks WayElizabeth HouseMilestone Centre
Derwent AvenueSouthcote RoadWestfield RoadMontpelier Drive
Armour HillParkside RoadProspect StreetGalsworthy Drive
Kentwood CloseNewlands AvenueEarlsfield Close
The VictoriaBalmore Drive

<p>Service status information is derived from an algorithm comparing timetable information with the arrival of buses en route at timing points. Live bus information for individual routes is derived from tracking devices and the standard journey times between the current position of the bus and the bus stop. Where live data is not available Timetable information is displayed (shown at TT). Data is provided by Reading Borough Council through its Open Data Server project.</p>


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