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Route 33 - Reading Station to Turnhams Farm

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										Timetable for Route 33
										Map for Route 33

timetables from service operator: Reading Buses

Route 33Friar Street FDSt Marys Butts CBCastle Street CQRussell StreetMaitland RoadReading West StationSouthcote RoadCranbury RoadParkside RoadWaverley Road Tilehurst RoadWater RoadPark GroveMeadway PrecinctStoneham Close FootpathUsk RoadDryland HouseChurch End LaneAsh RoadOgmore CloseAlford CloseTilehurst Triangle stop WChapel HillMayfairCity RoadSt Pauls SchoolCrescent RoadPierces Hill TopPierces Hill FootLower Elmstone DriveAshton CloseWarborough AvenueWellfield CloseSpringfieldBitterne AvenueStarlings DrivePartridge DriveCurlew DriveStarlings DriveBitterne AvenueSpringfieldWellfield CloseWarborough AvenueAshton CloseLower Elmstone DrivePierces Hill FootPierces Hill TopCrescent RoadTilehurst Triangle stop UAlford CloseOgmore CloseCorwen RoadChurch End LaneDryland HouseUsk RoadStoneham Close FootpathMeadway PrecinctPark GroveWater RoadWaverley RoadParkside RoadCranbury RoadSouthcote RoadReading West StationMaitland RoadRussell StreetCheapside CVWest Street CUStation Road EF

Bus Stops for Route Route 33

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Reading Station to Turnhams FarmTurnhams Farm to Reading Station
Friar StreetTilehurst TriangleBitterne AvenueWater Road
Minster StreetChapel HillSpringfieldTilehurst Road - Waverley Road
Castle StreetMayfairWellfield CloseParkside Road
Russell StreetCity RoadWarborough AvenueCranbury Road
Maitland RoadSt Pauls SchoolAshton CloseSouthcote Road
Reading West Station - Tilehurst RoadWellfield CloseLower Elmstone DriveReading West Station - Tilehurst Road
Southcote RoadWarborough AvenuePierces Hill FootMaitland Road
Cranbury RoadTilehurst TrianglePierces Hill TopRussell Street
Parkside RoadCrescent RoadCrescent RoadWaylen Street
Tilehurst Road - Waverley RoadPierces Hill TopTilehurst TriangleCheapside
Water RoadPierces Hill FootTilehurst TriangleWest Street
Park GroveLower Elmstone DriveAlford CloseFriar Street
Meadway PrecinctAshton CloseOgmore Close
Stoneham Close FootpathNormanstead RoadCorwen Road
Usk RoadChapel Hill Westwood GlenChurch End Lane
Dryland HouseHallplace FarmDryland House
Church End LaneThe BirchwoodsUsk Road
Ash RoadLittle Heath SchoolStoneham Close Footpath
Ogmore CloseFootpath to Stratford WayMeadway Precinct
Alford CloseBitterne AvenuePark Grove

<p>Service status information is derived from an algorithm comparing timetable information with the arrival of buses en route at timing points. Live bus information for individual routes is derived from tracking devices and the standard journey times between the current position of the bus and the bus stop. Where live data is not available Timetable information is displayed (shown at TT). Data is provided by Reading Borough Council through its Open Data Server project.</p>


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