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Winnersh Triangle Park & Ride

Winnersh Triangle park & ride site (RG41 5RD - note this the pose code for the Travellodge opposite the site) is signposted from the A329M and A329 and is situated next to Winnersh Triangle Station.



Journey time

Journey time to central Reading is 15-20 mins.



Services into central Reading operate every 15 minutes each way, all day on Mon - Sat.

  • First bus to Reading: Monday - Friday 6:45am Saturday at 8.02am
  • Last bus from Reading (St Mary's Butts): Monday - Friday 6:50pm Saturday at 6.32pm
  • No service on Sundays
  • No service on Public Holidays

Running to the following stops in central Reading:

  • Minster Street (for The Oracle)
  • St Marys Butts outside Broad Street Mall
  • Friar Street (outside Cosmo)
  • Blagrave Street (for Reading Station, opposite Blagrave Arms)
  • Market Place (outside Tesco)



Peak fares (Mon - Fri from start of service to noon with return anytime) Cash Fares Free Parking, pay on the bus:

  • Adult Return £4.70
  • Solo Return (under 19) £2.00
  • Family of 5 Return (max three adults) after 9.30am and before noon £7.00

Off-peak fares (Mon - Fri after 9:30am and all-day Sat):

  • Adult Return £4.00
  • Solo Return (under 19) £1.60
  • Family of 5 Return (max 3 adults) £7.00

     Smartcard Parksaver fares:

  • Parksaver 10 (5 return trips) £22.00
  • Parksaver 20 (10 return trips) £42.00
  • Parksaver 40 (20 return trips) £82.00

Smartcards can be purchased at the Travel Centre, Broad Street Mall, Reading between 9am and 5.30pm, Monday to Saturday. or online at



If you are just parking (for the train or for local business) then you pay at the machine to get your ticket for exiting the car park. This will cost you £4.

If you are getting the bus (and we hope you are getting the bus!), the parking is included in your bus ticket. Your bus ticket will have a barcode printed on the bottom of it which you scan to get out of the car park.


Concessionary Passes, Police and Other 'Free' Bus Passes

If you have a concessionary travel pass, you will still need to pay for your parking if using the bus. This will cost £1 per car and is bought from the bus driver. Remember, the charge is per car, so you only need to pay £1 per vehicle regardless of how many passengers you have. If you don't use the bus, you will need to pay at the machines and the fee will be the same as other parking - £4.

Police, Reading Buses employees with a valid travel card and employees of other bus companies with reciprocal agreements with us will also need to pay the £1 parking fee when travelling on the bus.

Reading Buses Services click no for details

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