Cycle Parking

Cycle parking throughout Reading is shown on the Reading Cycle Network Map. The Council is committed to expanding cycle parking facilities. New developments are required to provide cycle parking as part of the planning process.

Lock It or Lose It

It is a sad fact that if you leave your bike unlocked it is unlikely to be there when you return.

To Protect Your Bike From Theft

  • Record and register your bike. Register the model, make and frame number with the manufacturer. Take a colour photograph of your bike and make a written record of its description.
  • Security mark your bike for example with your post code, making sure the marking is clearly visible, is secure and in two separate places.
  • When buying a lock for your bike look for products that have been tested against attack. Check out the Sold Secure website below for certified locks or ask your lock bike shop for a recommendation. There are many different products on the market and price is not necessarily a reliable indicator of quality. The most important factor is how long the product can resist attack.
  • Always lock your bike even if you are just leaving it for a couple of minutes. Thieves are opportunists - don't give them an opportunity.
  • Lock your bike to an immovable object. Use a proper bike rack/ground anchor or robust street furniture - for example lamp posts or railings (but observe requests not to use certain street furniture/railings). Remember that thieves can remove drainpipes and lift bikes off signposts.
  • Lock your bike through the frame and wheels. Take smaller bike parts and accessories with you, for example lights, pump, computer and quick-release saddles.
  • Make the lock (and chain, if used) and bike hard to manoeuvre when parked - to stop theives smashing the lock open.
    • Keep the lock away from the ground
    • Keep the gap between the bike and the lock small
    • Never leave the lock lying on the pavement - a lock can be sledgehammered easily when it's resting on the ground.
  • Locks can also be picked, so face the lock towards the ground, but not resting on it, so it can't be easily turned upwards for picking.

It may seem like there are lots of things to think about when locking your bike but once you get into the habit you will be able to lock your bike within seconds and it will be well worth the trouble.


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